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Shipping/Delivery Times

Your Parcels

Q 1: How long after placing my order should I expect to receive my item?

Q 2: Why is delivery/shipping taking 5 to 15 days?

Q 3: Do I pay delivery/shipping costs?

Q 4: What countries do you ship to?

Your Orders

Q 1. How will I know that you have received my order?

Q 2: How do I track my orders?

Q 3: I've been waiting over 15 days for my order

Q 4: Can I order online 24 hours a day?

Q 5: How many days does it take for delivery?

Paying with PayPal

Processing Payments

Q 1. Can I pay for items with PayPal?

Q 2. Do I contact PayPal for a Refund or

Q 3: How long does it take for a PayPal refund?

Returning Goods

Returning Items

Q 1: What do you do if you received a defective product?

Q 2: Read our 30 day returns policy?

Q 3. How to return an Item BEFORE 30 days of purchase?

Q 4. Can you return an Item AFTER 30 days of purchase?

Q 5: How long does it take for a refund?

Q 6: What's our returns address?

Credit/Debit Card Payments & Refunds


Q 1: What debit cards can I use on

Q 2: What credit cards do we take?

Q 3: How long does it take for card refunds?

Q 4: Do you store my card details on computer?

Customer Security

Shopping With Us

Q 1. Are my personal details safe?

Q 2: Is ordering online from safe and secure?

Q 3: Is safe against server hacking?

Q 4: How do I place my order?

Your Account

How to Create an Account?

Q 1. How to create an account?

Q 2. How can I sign into my account and/or edit the information?

Q 3. How to close your account?

Q 4: I've lost or forgot the password for my account

Contacting Us

Contacting Us

Contacting us through our website

Contacting us from outside the UK

Contacting us by email

Contacting us by phone

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